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Kingsfield Horse Haylage is a family run business, with over a centurys experience in many aspect of the equine industry.

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Our interests include The Pony Club, Pleasure horses, Hunting and Racing, and we are also involved in Thorough Bred Breeding.  Our expertise include both Veterinary and Agricultural degrees and all the wealth of experience handed down from generations of farmers, horse breeders and sports men before us.
Our own personal needs for a convenient, high quality horse feed has led us to the professional production of this specialised natural grass forage-

Kingsfield Horse Haylage is preserved natural ryegrass from the Heart of the equine industry, grown on the site of the second oldest racecourse in Ireland.
With our much drier climate here in East Down, the Ryegrass is sown and nurtured until it reaches the optimal nutritional stage for horses. 
We then mow and naturally sun dry to the point of perfection. After quality checking, and completion of the fermentation process, we end up with a high quality, densely compressed, air-tight, convenient pack of Kingsfield Horse Haylage, ready for your performance horse or your beloved pony alike.

Bag on Haylage

The advantages of feeding Kingsfield Horse Haylage:

멮gsfield Horse Haylage gives you the confidence of knowing that it is specifically produced for your horse.

멮gsfield Horse Haylage is free from ragwort and docks.

멮gsfield Horse Haylage is a completely natural, and free from any additives or preservatives. Old Course View from top

멮gsfield Horse Haylage is more nutritious than normal hay, and so less concentrates are needed.

 멮gsfield Horse Haylage provides the necessary fibre to maintain a healthy gastro-intestinal system.

 멮gsfield Horse Haylage is dust and spore free for a cleaner respiratory tract, dramatically reducing the risk of respiratory infections (e.g.COPD) compared to conventional hay.

 멮gsfield Horse Haylage is a sweet smelling, highly palatable product, appetising to even to the most fastidious of eaters.


Old Course, from road









NT>Kingsfield Horse Haylage contains sufficient roughage for an average horse for three days per pack.

멮gsfield Horse Haylage, once opened should be used with-in 5-7 Days

멮gsfield Horse Haylage may be stored outside.

멮gsfield Horse Haylage should be stored and handled away from sharp edges and vermin to avoid puncturing.








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